Tuesday, August 18, 2009

1 Dollar PTC.......A Scam or Not

1 dollar PTC

1 dollar ptc site is a Scam

1 dollar PTC site is also belong to New Online Vision, LLC. They are motivating people by offering big amount through clicking their links and after a long time they pay you too much little amount in a reward. they are paying now a days $0.01 against $12,019...

If you visit their site www.1dollarptc.com, you find they they offer $5 per click after 30s. and they offer 400+ links daily, if you visit these links you need 2hrs to 3hrs and from that you can earn only $500 t0 $600.

It will 11 days to 12 days to reach their minimum payout request which is $5000. if you want to receive actual amount of $0.01 against $12,019.33, for this you need about a month working daily 2hrs to 3hrs then you receive $0.01, it means, they are paying only $0.01 for working about 300hrs plus.

Please go away from such type of sites, beacuse they are playing with enegatic and enthuasistic youngers, they are palying with the world and making money......

Here is ! dollar ptc site

Proof of their payment is given in the Two Dollar PTC post below:
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Two Dollar PTC

Two Dollar PTC..................A Scam........?

PTC stand for Pay per click, now a days there are a lot of sites available in the internet who are inviting internet users by offering huge payments through clicks, one of them is two dollar ptc.. this site offer $11 per click to $2 per click for visiting their links only for 20 minutes, after that they asked for clicking one number for credit, in that way one link takes 35 sec, and they updated daily about 500+ links. It takes 3.30 to 4.00 hrs to fishish that links and from that it will earn only $1600 daily and it will take about 12 to 13 days to earn $20,000 and it will take 45 hrs to 48 hrs. If you reached this milestone, when you request for payment, it will take 30days to 45days for payments. After that New online visions, LLC will pay you a handsome amount in your regards like $0.04 to $0.01, this is a reward of working 48hrs time and sparing for that a PC and eclectricity......

Here is a proof of today payments

Following is date of payment request which Jul 24, 2009
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